Construction & Rehabilitation

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The Foundation will seek grants and contributions from material suppliers and construction related businesses to build or renovate model projects to demonstrate techniques explored in the lectures, publications and tours. EcoHome will seek to reduce construction expense and as a means to engage specific suppliers in exploring new ways of building. Proceeds from the eventual sale of the models will support the ongoing operation of the Foundation.

As each project evolves, we will be posting frequent progress reports to our web site, complete with photos, drawings, diagrams, and audio and video segments. All phases of the design and construction of the projects will be carefully documented and preserved for later publication in book or multi-media form, which will allow others to glean the benefits of our experience.


EcoHome Foundation will also seek to identify certain buildings which will serve as examples of how existing structures can be rehabilitated to conserve energy, become more in balance with nature, and therefore, become more appealing to live and work in.