Lectures & Seminars

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EcoHome sponsors or co-sponsors presentations to the public and to professionals and/or sponsors design competitions to develop model projects for specific sites which incorporate and demonstrate the principles we embrace. The Foundation will seek to have these designs published in professional journals, as well as in newspapers and the popular press.

Excerpts from these presentations will be summarized and posted on the Website so visitors can explore ideas discussed at our events in their own time. We will also seek to have information from these presentations published in print media and shared on other web based sites.

EcoHome will also promote tours and event of other non-profit organization that explore similar interests. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy we have a very good relationship with people with shared interests.

Educational Seminars

The EcoHome Foundation will offer or participate in seminars to share information learned through research, the completion of model projects, and building rehabilitations. The Foundation will also offer educational seminars that include tours of exemplary buildings built by the Foundation or others.

The EcoHome Foundation strongly believes that the environments we live and work in have a profound impact on our emotional and spiritual well-being. If we create environments which are more in harmony with nature and which celebrate our relationship with nature, we are healthier and happier human beings.